Meet the New Chair of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence

September 5, 2018
Leigh Heyman ’98 is this year's chair of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence.
Portrait of Leigh Heyman, chair of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence
A former White House official takes the lead for Sarah Lawrence College.

Meet Leigh Heyman, the new chair of The Fund for Sarah Lawrence. Leigh is a Sarah Lawrence College alumnus, class of 1998, and a former tech director and senior policy advisor at the White House.

During the Obama administration, Leigh served as director of new media technologies, leading the team that managed and developed technology for all of the President’s online engagement. Previously, he played a key role in driving engagement for the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns. Today, he consults with senior leaders in business and government on digital transformation strategies.

After meeting Cristle Collins Judd, Sarah Lawrence’s president, Leigh was inspired to help rally support for the College. “I couldn’t be more excited at the honor and opportunity to chair The Fund for Sarah Lawrence for the upcoming year,” says Leigh.

“One of the stories of the 2008 Obama campaign was the story of hundreds of thousands of people kicking in $1 here, $5 there, maybe even $10 per month—unlike any political campaign before it,” he recalls. “When President Judd stressed the importance of participation—about how the future of the College, its pedagogy and its values, depended just as much on how many of us engage as the raw number of dollars we give—I heard my call to action. I raised my hand and said, ‘I know how to help with this!’”

Leigh’s goal as chair, he says, is to see “how many people we can get to kick in $1 here, $5 there, maybe even $10 per month—unlike any Sarah Lawrence fundraising campaign before it.

For more information, including how you can participate, contact Kin Lazzaro, Director of Leadership Giving, at